Join Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs!

da | Giu 29, 2023 | Mondo eCampus

The Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs Programme is a unique opportunity for aspiring and new entrepreneurs to learn from the experience and expertise of established entrepreneurs in different countries. The programme aims to foster entrepreneurial spirit, enhance skills and competencies, and facilitate cross-border cooperation and networking among SMEs.

The programme is open to anyone who has a concrete project or business idea,regardless of their age, education, or background. The participants can choose tostay with a host entrepreneur for up to six months, during which they will work ontheir own project or business plan, while benefiting from the guidance and feedbackof the host. The host entrepreneur will also gain new insights, perspectives, andcontacts from the exchange.

The programme is funded by the European Union and implemented by a network of local contact points across Europe and beyond. The application process is simple and online, and the participants can receive financial support for their travel and subsistence costs. The programme is part of the COSME programme, which supports the competitiveness and growth of SMEs in Europe.

If you are interested in participating in the Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs Programme, you can find more information on the eCampus’ official website.

You can also watch some success stories from previous participants on YouTube.